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  • We are proudly based in the U.S.A and specifically located in the sunshine state, aka Indialantic, Florida!
  • The Ultimate Father Son Duo's Mint Condition process is truly one of a kind and Mind-Blowing! To learn more legendary packaging style, click HERE
  • There's nothing wrong with the product itself, but you might see scratches and dents on the boxes and packaging. If you like to open the items you order, this is a terrific way to save a few dollars on the same great products. 
  • When we receive not-mint products from the manufacturer, we examine and sell the items in "not-mint" condition. These products are only available in limited numbers and may not be added to our website for a significant time after the initial release.
  • At this time, we do charge right when you place your order. Coming very soon, but not at this time, we will proudly be offering a new hassle free Pre-Ordering system where we will not charge your credit card until items come In-Stock.
  • There's no simple answer to this question. Some items we receive first; while some take a little longer. The timing of product distribution is entirely up to the manufacturer. We have no control over the process of allocation and delivery times.
  • We don't know exactly when new figures will be in stock. Most manufacturers don't release specific ship-date information in advance. We're provided with generalized shipping periods like "August" or "December." 
  • Some manufacturers give specific release dates for the initial launch of a new item, but that doesn't necessarily mean the item is guaranteed to be in stock on that date. Please check the item in question for current availability and stock information.
  • All Pre-Orders are shipped first come, first serve. The quicker you get your pre-ordered placed, the quicker you will receive it!
  • One day this will hopefully be true! But until then, due to the variable nature of manufacturers, Pre-Order dates are never guaranteed.
  • As collectors ourselves, we 100% understand how frustrating this can be! We purchase from distributers that receive orders from both Eastern & Western ports to hopefully reduce the arrival time!
  • We understand that some amazing collectors might need to cancel a Pre-Order from time to time, no problem at all, we are more than happy to cancel any order.
  • Please reach out and contact us Here :)
  • We proudly ship worldwide! If you have any questions about a certain location, please don't hesitate to reach out.
  • We want every type of legendary figure you purchase to arrive to your amazing house ASAP! For all In-Stock Figures we ship next day or within Three business days max!
  • Business days are M-F (Closed On Holidays)
  • All orders within the USA usually typically take anywhere from 3-5 business days to be delivered unless a faster shipping option is selected. 
  • Shipping time for international orders might vary depending on location, shipment method and other factors.
  • All orders might foresee some unexpected delays with our shipping carrier that might extended the delivery date.
  • For all orders within the USA, we primarily use USPS & UPS. If you would like us to ship through any other carrier such as FedEx, please feel free to reach out, and we would be more than happy to make it happen!
  • For all International orders, the shipping provider may vary, but we try to primarily utilize FedEX and DHL. 
  • When one chooses free shipping, your order will go through our Dream Team Mint Condition Process with bubble wrap and air pillows to help guarantee an EPIC delivery! If you are unfamiliar with this, please click HERE for more info. (Super Cool)
  • If this option is chosen, we will hand pick the best-looking figure(s) out of the Mint Condition ones we have available just for your EPIC order while shipping in a more robust box to guarantee an extra safe mint condition arrival.
  • Absolutely! We can hold any items for up to 90 days if you are looking to save on shipping or even control the number of shipments you receive. 
  • No, we only charge shipping once per order. Even if your legendary order contains separate figures with different release dates, we will begin shipping everything as we receive them. 
  • We understand that some amazing collectors might need to cancel a Pre-Order from time to time, no problem at all, we are more than happy to cancel any order.
  • "Wave" - also known as "assortment" or "series" - is the term used to describe how manufacturers release figures to retailers. 
  • Each time a new set of figures is shipped, the wave number increases. For example: "Wave 1," "Wave 2," "Wave 3," etc. 
  • Not all manufacturers release wave number information to retailers in advance. This can cause possible discrepancies. We sometimes later try to reconcile with the official wave numbers, if the data is available.
  • "Chase figures" are released by some manufacturers in the same way "chase cards" were released in trading card packs. These items may have special parts or packaging and are generally produced in much lower numbers. 
  • Crazy Collecting does not cherry-pick assortments for variations or chase figures, so the contents of what we ship you are precisely what the manufacturer sends us, and we don't charge you a higher price if you receive a chase figure in the assortment you ordered.
  • "Variations," sometimes also known as "running changes," are changes made to a toy through its production cycle. Some changes are intentional (so a company can offer you a different product) and are often referred to as a "variation." An example would be a toy that employs one mold that's painted numerous ways in order to provide a complete army. Variations are sometimes but not always created with the collector in mind. 
  • "Running changes" are alterations made to a toy due to available materials, aesthetics, marketing, or safety concerns. An example is the short and long lightsaber issue from 1996 or revising packaging to have the most up-to-date figures on the back of the package. While these toys with running changes are not usually intended to be collectibles, they often become them.
  • At Crazy Collecting, we ship you the toys we receive right from the manufacturer. So, you receive the same figures we do. Whether it's a common version or a special rare treat, you're not charged a premium for an assortment containing a special toy or collectible.
  • If that assortment is in stock, the listed figures will be sent to you. If it's not in stock, we cannot guarantee that exact assortment. 
  • Manufacturers have the right to change an assortment at any time and often will, depending on what the market demands.
  • Yes! We offer some amazing cases of action figures that are sealed and come directly from the manufacturer! 

A lot of toy manufacturers prefer to give their product dimensions relative to a real-world measurement and not in the actual inches (or centimeters) that the toy may measure. As some figures are sitting, lying down, or bending over, the "height" might be misleading. It could be a very substantial figure, but as it's bending over in half, it seems smaller. So, to help you determine how big some items are, we have this handy chart. Keep in mind that for the sake of this chart, we're assuming that 1:1 is a 6-foot tall person and 1:6 scale is 12-inches tall. (Naturally, some statues may be shorter. So, these are not exact measurements.)

  • 1:6 scale: 12-inches tall (the size of a large G.I. Joe and the scale of most Gentle Giant mini-busts, which are about 6-inches tall)
  • 1:12 scale: 6-inches tall (roughly the size of Hasbro Marvel Legends action figures)
  • 1:18 scale: 4-inches tall (roughly the size of Hasbro Star Wars action figures)
  • 1:64 scale: 1 1/8-inches tall (sized to be in proportion to Hot Wheels cars)

You collectors always come first! We want to make sure that you are 100% satisfied with your purchase! We offer a 30-days Hassle Free Return & Exchange Policy:

  • If a product gets damaged or was faulty upon delivery - we offer 100% refund & Free Shipping. Or if that specific collectible isn't Sold Out, we would be more than happy to make it right and send a replacement free of charge.
  • Timing: we have a 30-days Return & Exchange Policy, since the day item was received.
  • Please note that customers are responsible for shipping costs of returned items. We will only provide free shipping under certain circumstances. 
  • Any questions at all, please feel free to always contact us :)
  • The military GovX discount is for US citizens only and must meet one of the following criteria:
  • If you are currently serving or previously served and were honorably discharged from the Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines, Navy or National Guard. This includes: Active-duty service members, Veterans & Retired, Reservists, Military academies
  • If you are a federal, state or local law enforcement officer. State & Local: State police & highway patrol, Sheriff's departments, City police departments, Correctional facilities Federal: Department of Justice, inc. FBI, ATF, DEA, BOP & US Marshals, Homeland Security, inc. ICE, TSA, CBP & Air Marshals, US Capital Police, Other federal officers
  • If you are a full-time or volunteer firefighter. This includes: Municipal fire departments, National Parks Service, US Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management
  • If you are working on the front-lines of the emergency medical field. This includes: Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs), Paramedics, Registered Nurses (RNs), Trauma Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, Hospital Physicians, PAs, Technicians and other staff
  • Click the button to claim your discount and you'll be asked to verify your affiliation with GovX ID. Verification is real-time and secure. If you already have a GovX ID account, just log in!
  • After you verify, you'll receive a single-use discount code to apply at checkout. Be sure to copy your code.
  • For future purchases, simply log in with your GovX ID to unlock a new discount code.
  • There is a limit of one discount code per day.
  • Yes, we proudly love supporting the Toy Reviewing community! You guys are AMAZING!!! Please contact us and we would be more than happy to provide additional information about a possible partnership :)
  • Interested In becoming an Affiliate? Feel free to check out our registration form that includes all the details and benefits that are needed to get started! We are thrilled to have you join our legendary team. Begin the process by clicking HERE