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Things Are Getting CRAZZZY!!!

Things Are Getting CRAZZZY!!!

Hello fellow collectors, happy Monday!!! I am so proud to say that this is my very first blog post!!! I am overjoyed with excitement and truly blown away!!! Spreading the collectors passion and the thrill of Star Wars is my #1 goal with With everything combined, this creates one CRAZZZZY Blog!!!

Who am I?

To properly introduce myself, my name is Kyle aka Captain Crazzzy!!! I am always going CRAZZZY while rocking my super long golden locks, so a lot of people (including myself) would pretty much say my inner spirit animal is Chewbacca, lol!!! What can I say, the Wookie in me is always ROAAARRRRIN!!! Besides that you will always see me with the biggest smile on my face while rocking my two thumbs up 👍😃👍 I LOVE everything Star Wars, so I pretty much collect it all! I always go back and forth between say weather or not TVC or The Black Series is my favorite line from Hasbro to collect, but it truly depends on the figure! Recently though, I have been loving The Vintage Collection more primarily because of the beautiful card artwork! It is stunning!!!

Goals of this LEGENDARY blog?

My #1 goal with this blog is to bring fellow collectors together while spreading the passion of loving everything Star Wars!!! I want to strive myself on bringing you AMAZING collectors some type of Star Wars news every day of the week! I hope to post about anything Star Wars related all the way from Hasbro figures and statues, to the EPIC events and little goodies that can be found all across the galaxy!!!

My Shop?

It brings pure joy that I can announce that I have officially become an official license retailer for all sorts of AMAZING Hasbro Toys!!! I want to bring the collectors satisfaction guarantee to the Star Wars community because Hasbro, Walmart, Target, and Etc. have all done a horrible job of protecting figures and serving the community. Especially when it comes to shipping. I have all of my prices listed with retail price and for NO additional fee everything will come over protected with triple layered bubble wrap and more goodies to make sure these LEGENDARY figures all arrive to your amazing houses nice and safely!!! More pics and info about this listed in my Common Questions Tab. Stay positive and amazing my friends!!! I will talk to you soon!!! 😃

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Kylo - December 22, 2021


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