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Avengers 60th Anniversary Marvel Legends Skrull Queen and Super-Skrull

by Hasbro
Original Price $55.99 - Original Price $55.99
Original Price
$55.99 - $55.99
Current Price $55.99
  • SKRULL QUEEN AND SUPER-SKRULL: Using her shape-shifting powers to impersonate Spider-Woman, Skrull Queen Veranke infiltrates the Avengers and launches a secret invasion of Earth wreaking havoc with her Super-Skrull infiltrators!
  • AVENGERS 60TH ANNIVERSARY: These Skrull Queen and Super-Skrull action figures are inspired by the characters' appearance in Marvel Secret Invasion comics and make a great addition to any collection of Marvel Legends action figures!
  • COMIC-INSPIRED ACCESSORIES: This collectible Hasbro Marvel Legends action figure set comes with 9 accessories, including Spider-Woman- impersonation alternate head!