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G.I. Joe: Snake Eyes One:12 Collective Deluxe Edition

by Hasbro
Original Price $112.00 - Original Price $112.00
Original Price
$112.00 - $112.00
Current Price $112.00
  • The One:12 Collective Snake Eyes is outfitted for stealth and functionality in all black!
  • His chest harness can hold a group of 3x grenades (permanently attached) and his ninjato or falchion sword, his utility belt can hold his tanto knife, and his thigh holster can hold his handgun!
  • Timber, Snake Eye's companion and pet wolf, is included and features 3x interchangeable head portraits as well as over 20x points of articulation!
  • The hybrid ninja-commando is armed and ready, complete with an overflowing arsenal including a three-section nunchaku 6x grenades, submachine gun with removable silencer, two butterfly swords, six shuriken in varying styles, and much more!